Dawn in the Moyenne Vallée de l'Oise (Central Oise Valley) Direct destruction of breeding habitat by planting poplar A meadow partly destroyed by poplar stands, partly retained for hay harvesting
Inondation sur la moyenne vallée de l'Oise A meadow destroyed by growing corn Testing the “friendly bar” mower in Normandy A Corncrake
A male Corncrake defining its territory G. Mourgaud (LPO Anjou) and a captured Corncrake

Farmers and agri-environmental measures

Farmers are obviously the main grassland managers but due to the inefficiency of agro-environmental measures for 20 years, today it is essential to review the device.

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Making more efficient and attractive agri-environmental measures

Making more efficient and attractive agri-environmental measures**Sites involved in the action Basses Vallées Angevines / Moyenne Vallée de la Charente / Moyenne vallée de l’Oise **Objective Improving the agro-environmental measures (MAEt) **Description Given the evolution of the French (...)


Emergency measures for brood protection

**Sites involved in the action The Moyenne vallée de la Charente and Moyenne vallée de l’Oise **Description Many singing Corncrakes were detected in plots not under agri-environmental measures or with an insufficient level of contract (no late mowing, lack of refuge cover ...). To ensure more (...)


Federate farmers for cooperative management

Federate farmers to optimize conservation actions for the species**Sites involved in the action The Basses vallées Angevines The Moyenne vallée de la Charente The Moyenne vallée de l’Oise **Description For a long time, flooding in the alluvial grasslands has always lead farmers to adapt to (...)