Protection and management sites

To adapt management sites for Corncrake, 8 actions are included in the programme:

• updated version of the management plan of the LPO acquisitions in the Basses Vallées Angevines ;
• Implementing a management plans for land purchased by the CEN Picardie in the framework of the programme ;
• Management agreements for the maintenance of grasslands
• Conversion of 13 hectares of old poplar into permanent grassland in the Basses Vallées Angevines
• Management of 2 hectares of reedbeds and tall grass prairies as refuge area
• Protection of the broods through the use of a scaring bar set on the mower which enable the Corncrake to escape from the engine.

Articles in this section

Developping management plans

Updated version of the management of the LPO’s plots in the Basses Vallées Angevines**Objective This action is to provide a review and update the first management plan for the properties of the LPO in BVA incorporating new plots acquired under the LIFE+ programme. **Description A management (...)


Restoration and management of grasslands

Management agreements for the maintenance of grasslands**Sites involved in the action The Basses Vallées Angevines and the Moyenne vallée de la Charente **Description The purchased parcels will be under management agreements or agro-environmental contracts with local farmers. The objective will (...)


Direct protection of nested by using a scaring bar

Direct protection of broods by the use of a scaring bar**Sites concerned The Basses Vallées Angevines, Moyenne Vallée de la Charente et Moyenne Vallée de l’Oise **Description Current operating conditions (earlier and faster mowing) no longer allow grassland species such as Corncrake to complete (...)