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Scientific knowledge

Four actions will be carried out in order to improve the scientific knowledge of the species :

• Telemetric monitoring in the Basses Vallées Angevines and Moyenne Vallée de l’Oise to clarify the use of different habitats by the Corncrake before and after mowing ;

• Studying the development and attractiveness of the ground vegetation: the objective is to assess the impact of agricultural management on vegetal composition, and to study its attractiveness for the Corncrake.

• Monitoring and analysis of the chronology of mowing on the land under and without contracts (agri-environmental measures) for measuring changes in the timing of mowing and adapt future agri-environmental measures.

• Annual monitoring of the breeding population to identify the relevance and effectiveness in the short and long term actions proposed in the programme. This monitoring will enable to study the area favourable to the corncrake and the evolution of the singing Corncrakes.