Moyenne vallée de la Charente

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Discovering the Moyenne vallée de la Charente

The site covers the river valley of the Charente between Cognac and Saint-Savinien, and the valleys of its tributaries : the Seugne between Saintes and Pons, the Coran, the Bramerit, the Rochefollet… Upstream, the site begins near Cognac, and downstream, the site ends at the dam at St Savinien. (...)


Conservation action already undertaken

The Moyenne vallée de la Charente was one of several French sites to develop a Life programme for the Corncrake in the mid 90s (RSPB, 1994 - 1996). Since then, a management plan has been written and applied by the LPO. The implementation of the first agri-environmental measures on the site was (...)