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Federate farmers for cooperative management

Wednesday 19 February 2014, by Sophie Duhautois

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Federate farmers to optimize conservation actions for the species

**Sites involved in the action

  The Basses vallées Angevines
  The Moyenne vallée de la Charente
  The Moyenne vallée de l’Oise


For a long time, flooding in the alluvial grasslands has always lead farmers to adapt to the ecological requirements of the site. But since the changes in agricultural practices from the 1970s, conservation of traditional management of livestock is often misunderstood in the context of intensification of agricultural practices and farming profitability. In 1997, a group of livestock producers in the Maine-et-Loire built a project to ensure the viability of their farms (development of their beef) and to improve the ecological management of the site. This associative approach “L’Eleveur et l’Oiseau” (Livestock producer and Birds) aims at protecting the corncrake and must be raised again to be developed mainly on other sites.

**Project coordination

The LPO Anjou and CEN Picardie

**Expected results

***The Basses Vallées Angevines

• Strong involvement of farmers in protecting the Corncrake through the society "Les Eleveurs des vallées angevines" resulting in commercialization and shared concrete actions to preserve the Corncrake by joining the programme.
• A contractual commitment of 10 farmers in the BVA and 5 in Vallée de la Loire for efficient actions (beyond the specifications of agri-environmental measures) for the Corncrake. These farmers, in relation with the LPO Anjou will share these actions with their colleagues less involved.
• Promotion and launch of the initiative at key sites involved for the Corncrake in France : Picardie, val de Vienne, val de Charente , Val de Loire and val de Saône.
• Development of the communication in relation with the Chamber of Agriculture in Maine-et-Loire to raise awareness amongst relevant people (200 minimum) through press releases, communication tools (signs, leaflets) and interprofessional activities and general public.

***The Moyenne Vallée de l’Oise

• Launch of the initiative in Picardy.
• Contribution and participation of dozens of farmers and managers.
• Promotion of the approach on the main sites involved for the species
• The success of such actions for Corncrake is dependent on the attitude of livestock producers. This requires organized activities including through the Natura 2000 network, but also to find sustainable economic solutions for these farmers.