Encouraging results for Corncrake in Moyenne Vallée de la Charente.

Nocturnal monitorings of Corncrake breeding have just achieved in Moyenne Vallée de la Charente. Results are encouraging with 8 singers males counted.

Thanks to LPO volunteers and employees, several monitoring campaigns have took place on the site.
Thus, 8 males have been located, even observed by some privileged persons (Corncrake are nocturnal and secretive birds) !!

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These numbers correspond to a record since the beginning of the Life+ Nature european programm for Corncrakes in 2011. Former historic site of the species, only 2 or 3 males have been recorded in Moyenne Vallée de la Charente in 2012 and 2013.

These results are significative of a responsable management of agricultural plots by farmers. We wish they will maintain favourable practices for the Corncrake !